The company received its current name in 2013.
The high quality of our work is due to the effective use of human intelligence, the main vehicle of progress. We employ a team of professionals who use cutting edge technology and only their own original ideas in their work. The wealth of knowledge accumulated by each and every member of the team allows us to tackle successfully a broad range of problems and attain excellent results.




Dome KD-1 



Dome MD-1 



Truss Frame Sf-1 



Facade Truss Ff-1 


Main Directions of Business:

• Design of buildings and constructions of any type.
• Design and development of work projects.
• Structural design calculations.
• Making and delivery of constructions, frames and their elements.
• Shell and core works.
• Tiedown systems.   • Electric tools.   • Doors.   • Furniture. 



Facade Truss Ff-3 


 Company:  SOLOVIEW Srls,  39026 Prad am Stiltserjoch (BZ),  Kreuzweg 2,  tеl: +39 324898541O, ,